Flying home

After visiting a relatively nondescript part of the country, the flight back over the Cascade Mountains provided a great reminder to appreciate home even more. Seeing the long stretch of dry eastern Washington and Oregon start shifting into the pretty slopes and vistas of the Cascades is a great […]

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Whistler ATV RZR riding tour

The Adventure Group of Whistler BC Canada runs a fun ATV ride through the forests and views above town. Rocky, bumpy, dusty, muddy forest roads are easily handled by the Polaris RZR ATVs. Scrambling up rocky inclines, spinning tires, and getting muddy is what it’s all about.

There are […]

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Vignettes from Life in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo and Japan sure are different from back home, and in a good, refreshing, cultural way. Alleys are lined with unlocked bikes that don’t get stolen. There are essentially no public trash cans to be found anywhere, yet the city is still very clean from trash. 7-11 […]

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Unusual tiny old bars of Golden-gai in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Shinjuku district of Tokyo Japan is a modern, over-electrified, bustling commercial district that stands out for nightlife in Tokyo. Recessed in a corner of the district is something completely different: Golden-gai. The area is comprised of about 6 narrow block-long alleys, lined with over 200 bars, clubs, and […]

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Tokyo Skytree in Sumida Tokyo Japan

The Tokyo Skytree is the second tallest human-made structure in the world, extending 2,080 feet to far above the surrounding Tokyo city skyline. Observation decks are available at two levels: the first at 1,148 feet high (350 meters) and then a second observation deck above at 1,476 feet high […]

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