Ebey’s Prairie Trail in Coupeville on Whidbey Island

The Ebey’s Prairie Trail is a historic and picturesque trail that starts at inland bucolic farm land and ends at a beautiful bluff overlooking Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

For a solid dose of local history, start at the Sunnyside Cemetery. This includes the graves of many early, famous […]

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Baker Lake Trail near Mt Baker

Baker Lake Trail extends for miles along the pretty shores of Baker Lake near Mt Baker. It is ready for shorter out-and-back walks or longer stretches. Rivers, suspension bridge, pretty forest, mountainous views, and more are experienced along the way.

Baker Lake was formed in 1959 when Baker River […]

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Whidbey Lemonade Day

The Island County Economic Development Council initiated a cool annual event for kids: Whidbey Lemonade Day. Kids all over Whidbey Island are provided advance training on how to run a small business through a lemonade stand. Normal health department regulations are addressed for this one time event by […]

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Northwest Trek

Northwest Trek is a fun “natural setting” zoo set on 723 forested acres in Eatonville on the way to Mt Rainier National Park. Animals of many types and locations can be found wandering in the 435 acre bus/tram-accessible open space, and then there are naturally landscaped pens for up […]

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Bench and Snow Lake Trail in Mt Rainier National Park

Bench and Snow Lake Trail in Mt Rainier National Park is a pleasant and easy 2.5 miles roundtrip to pretty lakes surrounded by steep walled cirque valley mountains. Along the way are closeup views of trees and flowers, while Mt Rainer looms large in the background. It’s a […]

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Wonderland Trail in Mt Rainier National Park

The Wonderland Trail circumnavigates the entirety of Mt Rainier in its park, and offers quite the variety. In this section, we went from nearby Cougar Rock Campground, crossed the log bridge over the Nisqually River, and then went up along the shore of Paradise River to pretty Carter Falls. […]

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Theler Wetlands Trails: Pretty trails and wildlife

The Theler Wetlands Trails provides a great, meandering 3 mile walk through pretty forests and intertidal marshes at the headwaters of Hood Canal. Salmon spawn, raptors swoop, and critters abound. Views extend down the waters of Hood Canal and out to nearby mountains or forested hillsides.

The property is […]

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