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Snow Lake

Snoqualmie Pass / Alpental area (July 2003)

Seattle Weird Science Fair
Source Lake trail near Alpental and Snoqualmie Pass

Snow Lake is in a valley about an hour east of Seattle near the Alpental ski resort (exit 52 off I-90; exit 53 when coming from the east), and it is accessed at the end of a 7 mile round-trip trail (National Forest trail 1013). The trail starts in the Mount Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest and crosses over into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. It's a great day hike to the large lake (over a mile long), though it can apparently be crowded on summer weekends. The trail starts at 3100 feet elevation, rises to 4400 feet along a saddle in the mountains that offers great views over the lake and beyond, and then descends to the lake at 4016 feet. Lots of flowers, berries, interesting old trees, and views all around!


Karen approaching Snow Lake from the pass above

Karen starting down to Snow Lake, coming over the saddle between the peaks


Karen, Tim, and Kari on the shore of Snow Lake

Karen, Tim, and Kari soaking up some rays on the shore


Teresa relaxing by Snow Lake

Teresa dealing with all the stress


Scott, Karen, Kari, Tim, and Teresa above Snow Lake

Grinning tourists



Source Lake trail near Alpental and Snoqualmie Pass Source Lake trail near Snoqualmie Pass and Alpental