Seattle Immersive Theater produced a somewhat ambitious performance that is true to their roots of immersing the audience in an interactive and participative experience. “Supraliminal” was well timed for the Halloween season, and all tickets were sold out every night.

Guests arrived at South Seattle College and were directed to a small auditorium. It took a while to adjust to the fact that the people helping, handing out waivers, and talking banter before the 7:30 start were actually already in character and acting with you. At the official start time, “class” was convened. Two actor professors and a medium gave a PowerPoint presentation and discussed the history of paranormal study, different types of paranormal activity, and a specific case that they were currently investigating at the historic Georgetown Steam Plant owned by Seattle City Light in south Seattle.

A planned class field trip to the location was “moved ahead” to tonight, and a bus was waiting for us outside. While on the road, the professor gave additional historic context about the building and what they were doing.

After arrival, a Seattle City Light employee (unknown if it was actual employee or another actor) gave a historical tour of the Steam Plant. The tour was interesting, though a bit long for someone expecting something creepy to happen. Perhaps the anticipation was part of the buildup…

Finally we were taken into a dark cavernous section of the plant where a Command Center was set up that connected with night vision cameras set up at 9 locations around the plant. Then the fun finally began, as a ghostly girl, demon, and demonic possession quickly ramped up both on screen and in front of us.

Supraliminal is an unusual theater production, most suited to someone intrigued by the location-based experience and real time acting of a story from beginning to end. At over 2.5 hours, it was a bit long but was still educational and fun. I was hoping that there would have at least been little “clues” and weird experiences along the way at the steam plant to build up the haunted experience, but one needs to wait for near the end until it gets rolling beyond the historical context. Kudos to the crew on the final scenes, including an unexpected and well done finale. When you think it is all over, it’s not quite really all over.

Seattle Immersive Theater waiver release form

Due to walking around in the old very non-OSHA-approved steam plant in the dark, there were two liability waivers that had to be signed before participating in the performance

Seattle Immersive Theater Supraliminal at Georgetown Steam Plant group tour

Class entered the steam plant, by the massive electric power turbines

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle tour

Catwalks and passages where we walked through the plant

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle tour power turbine and crane

Horizontal steam electric production turbine and overhead crane

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Immersive Theater Supraliminal group enters dark fueling area

Class entered the dark and cavernous fueling area, where we found the Command Center and finale

Seattle Immersive Theatre
Supraliminal video trailer
Georgetown Steam Plant
South Seattle College


Salmon fishing is great up and down the breezy western shores of Whidbey Island. We fished from the shores of Whidbey Island on Admiralty Bay in the town of Coupeville. Salmon migrate along there on the way back to their home rivers, swimming through the eel grass beds and looking for food (or buzz bombs on fishing lines that look like food). Fishing is generally best within about +/- 1.5 hours of high tide. We kept going until we needed our headlamps, and our few catches were after the sun had gone down!

Salmon fishing Whidbey Island Admiralty Bay Coupeville

Salmon fishing on Admiralty Bay at sunset

Salmon fishing from shore of Admiralty Bay Coupeville

Gray but calm day at the shore in Coupeville

Fishing for salmon in Admiralty Bay Coupeville Whidbey Island

Sunset colors grow deeper while fishing for salmon

Filleting salmon on Admiralty Bay beach Coupeville Whidbey Island

Filleting fresh salmon at the beach


Munson Creek Falls cascades over 300 feet, making it the highest waterfall along the entire Oregon coast. It is reached by a pleasant and short hike through pretty forest. Due to storm and tree damage, the path has been blocked from fully going up to the base of the falls, though apparently where the path currently ends is actually a better view than from the base’s forested cover.

You can find the waterfall in Munson Creek Falls State Park / Natural Area. This is located at the end of a rural residential road called Munson Creek Road, about 7 miles south of Tillamook on coastal highway 101 and then over a mile east along Munson Creed Road. There is a gravel parking lot at the road’s end and a clear path up along the creek to the falls.

Munson Creek Falls Tillamook Oregon

Munson Creek Falls

Munson Creek Falls Tillamook Oregon trail end

At trail’s end in Munson Creek Falls State Park / Natural Area

Munson Creek Falls



Newport, Oregon is a commercial fishing town that has grown over the years to be a fun tourist destination as well. It has parks, plenty of accommodations, a range of dining, tourist activities, Oregon Coast Aquarium, historical sites, a picturesque waterfront promenade, art galleries, shopping, and plenty of wide open sandy beach on the Pacific Ocean.

Newport Oregon fishing boats marina

Commercial fishing boats at the marina in Newport Oregon

Things To Do in Newport Oregon
City of Newport



The Sea Lion Caves are a unique tourist attraction along the Pacific Coast of Oregon, and represent something that would likely never be permitted today due to governmental seashore protection regulations. Since 1932, the Sea Lion Caves have been privately managed by an entrepreneurial family who have owned the land that contains America’s largest sea cave. As the highway traffic and tourism increased to the area, a business was born.

Initially, a large wooden structure was built with switchback stairs that went down the side of the cliff from the roadside area above to the sea cave below. Wooden remnants of this structure rest in a pile by an existing overlook today. Then later the site became rather fancy, and a vertical hole was blasted through the rock. Now the sea caves are accessed by walking down a sloped path and pushing the down button on a modern elevator.

Once at the bottom, one enters a cave with educational displays. Then the sea caves are visible, surrounded by the sounds of rushing waves and barking stellar sea lions.

There is also an alternate path above to an outside observation area that looks down onto a rock ledge where the sea lions lounge below at the water’s edge.

The Sea Lion Caves are a fun, interesting, and educational stop near Florence, and a good part of any Oregon coast trip.

Sea Lion Cave Florence Oregon sea lions resting on rocky shoreline

Sea lions relaxing along the Oregon Coast by the Pacific Ocean

Sea Lion Caves Florence Oregon sea lions in cave

Inside the Sea Lion Caves with stellar sea lions on the rocks


The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area offers anything you want, as long as it involves sand. Sand dunes can be hiked, rolled down, and explored. Wide open sand beaches go from the dunes out to the churning Pacific Ocean. There are even ATV and dune buggy tours. For the playful, sand sculpture costumes are always a good bet…

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area bird sand sculpture art

Bird sand sculpture costume at Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area mermaid sand sculpture art

Mermaid sand sculpture costume at Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
Reedsport Oregon



The Oregon Country Fair is a longstanding annual “hippy” tradition located in forest and farm land outside Eugene, Oregon. People come from all over for the Friday – Sunday event to see a parade of performers everywhere, including both fair staff and people who just show up to participate. Costumes (some involving almost no clothes at all), dancing, singing, art, bands, interactive booths, and much more populate the winding dirt roads under a canopy of trees. Hobbit-like structures house artists, craftspeople, food, and experiences of many kinds. It’s a fun experience that can easily fill a full two days of exploring and participating.

Oregon Country Fair dragon building entrance

Oregon Country Fair’s dragon building entrance

Oregon Country Fair flamenco dancing

Flamenco dancing

Oregon Country Fair RecyclaBull costume


Oregon Country Fair space alien costume performers

Visiting aliens

Oregon Country Fair face painting

Face painting

Oregon Country Fair acrobatic performers

Acrobatic performers

Oregon Country Fair Satyr pan flute

Satyr pan flute

Oregon Country Fair interactive kaleidoscope art installation

Interactive kaleidoscope art installation

Oregon Country Fair Earth Man and Mother Nature

Earth Man and Mother Nature

Oregon Country Fair
Things To Do in Eugene Oregon